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Making Better Social Media Posts

In this course, we will answer the question on how to make your social media stand out from the crowd. We will look at how to start with your Ideal Client and work your way into having examples of crafting your content to speak to your ideal client.

Course Includes:

1. Discovering your Perfect Client

2. Identifying your ICP (Ideal Client Profile)

3. Where do your ICP engage Online?

4. The Different Types Of Content For Different Platforms.

5. What Are The Types Of Content?

6. Understanding The Balance Of Sales Content And Social Content.

7. Creating Better Posts.

8. Addressing if you need more help.

9. Free resources to help you.

A to Z on the Facebook Business Page

The Technical Side Of Things:

1. Introduction To Setting Up A Facebook Business Page

2. Getting Ready And Gathering All Your Resources

3. Logging In And Initial Setup

4. Step 1 Of Facebook Setup

5. Finishing Up Facebook Setup

6. Page Settings

7. How to use meta business suite (overview)

8. How to schedule a post 

9. The difference between a post, a video, a reel, and a story

10. How to plan your content.

11. When to post

12. Reading Analytics

13. Introduction to Ads

14. Different Types of Ads

15. Creating an Ad

16. Overview of Groups

17. Finding a Group

18. Posting to a Group

19. Creating a Group

19. Managing messages and comments- including setting automation. 

20. How to manage page settings including explaining ownership of page (admins) vs people creating content (non-admin roles)

21. Creating events

22. Creating a FB Store

23. Post of resources

Creative Side of Things:

1. Basics of a good Post

2. Basics of a good Banner

3. Using the Template to Make a Good banner.

4. Basics of a good Profile Picture

5. Basics of a graphics ad

6. Basics of a video ad

7. Basics of a being creative for your business

8. Brainstorming your future content.

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