Creativity Matter

For us being creative is a lifestyle.  We constantly are tapping into our creative sources to help inspire us, keep us relevant and cutting edge.  Feed us coffee and see what happens! (Disclaimer: we are not responsible for the things we dream up while on coffee.)


Even though we live, breathe, and eat creativity, being practical is a must.  Not only so we can get projects accomplished but also for helping our clients keep within their budgets!

Faster then the speed of something...

Our turnaround times are usually considered faster than most.  However, we have yet to be able to put in measurable terms… Expect 2-3 week turnaround times, with the hope and goal of getting to our clients faster.

Great gear makes a difference

Here at A Squared, we make sure we have industry-standard equipment. We use high-end camera equipment to film brighter and better footage. All the gear we use was picked for its quality and ability to create a premium product.


We believe that our clients deserve the best, so that's exactly how we treat them. Showing up on time, dressing accordingly, being patient with talent are just some of the normal practices for us.


Meet the main staff of A Squared!

Alex Haynes

Alex Haynes

Alex Haynes is our CEO and main video director here at A Squared. He handles most of the clients' needs and makes sure video shoots go well.

Alex Quinn

Alex Quinn

Alex Quinn is the CFO and main producer here at A Squared. He makes sure we get the money and that the projects are done on time!

Roland Lubin

Roland Lubin

Roland is our 2d Animator. When he is not creating art, you can find him making music.